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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Day 2

Today was hard. Not the eating thingy, no, but the exercise.

The diet is just fine. It does have very little calories, but you can tweak it with a number of options to set a larger calorie intake. Of course, having some sorry ass cucumber instad of pizza is hardly as much fun, but i'm doing it gladly.

The problem today was the exercise. I woke up to happily realize that i was in no pain after yesterday's first day of physical effort. So i went to the gym pretty confident.

Today i had both strength workout and cardio. After finishing with a rather light weight-lifting (if you can call it that ... i was THE wuss with the gay 2 kgs dumbbells), i was already fucked up. And i mean fucked up. Nonetheless, I went for my hour of aerobic exercise after that. What the hell for? After 10 mins in the stepper i felt like i was passing out. I realized i must be eating too little or the shock of all this exercise has been too much. So i manouvered myself into 4, 10 minute series in 4 different machines, with 4 minute intervals. Again, i haven't been able to complete the expected 60 minutes, but i know i went as far as i could. In the end i was falling asleep on the byke. Falling asleep! What the hell?

After having a plate of salad with some kidney beans, life automatically came back to me. So it was the food. I've been having some 10, 11 hundred calories so far and that's just too little if i want to work out so hard.

Lesson learned. Moving on.

And i'm happy. I already feel proud of myself. I've noticed i no longer feel that embarrassing blame after having some candy or some pizza with my most obvious 12 extra kilos. I also remembered, while on the byke, that the last time i was in great shape (about 3 years ago), i was very, very proud of myself. Mostly for having been able to achieve my goal, which was to Gain 10 kilos. As well for the self-control. Anyway, remembering this encourages me.

I was also thinking that if i expect to loose these 12 kgs in 3 or 4 months, then day 2 equals 2 % completed. I like that!

2 % completed! This number will keep growing.


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