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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day 3

Another damn, damn hard day. Workout-wise, of course ... the diet remains pretty simple to follow.

Today i finally completed those freaking 60 minutes of cardio i'm supposed to cover every day. Rowing, cycling and stepping. Rowing is much more simple than anything else, and clearly burns much less calories, but since i've just started, it seems to be perfect for building up both resistance and morale.

Nonetheless, on my way back from the gym i sarted feeling horribly bad. I was sweating like a pig, i was extremely weak and quite dizzy. It all passed after i had a big glass of mixed veggie juice (believe it or not, under those circumstances, it tasted like fine french champagne) and some food.

My wife reminded me that no long ago i was anemic. I thought that'd be over by now, with the vitamins ím taking and the healthy life, but no. It seems i'm gonna need some supplementation here, some folate or folic acid. Anyhow, i'm proud i cope with the exercise even being a tad weaky.

3 % completed!


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