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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 8

I having tweaking my diet, but for the best, i guess. Some of the recipees are ... well, too yank for me. So i've mostly tweaked them towards a less calorie, more veggie-based diet.

Today i kicked ass at the gym. The first 30 minutes in the steppers were at full, full throttle. I sweated like a pig and in each of those tiny drops i could see myself getting thinner, and thinner. I know, i'm starting to sound mystic-fatso like.

I wonder if it happens to others, but i fight some mean mind-battles when in the middle of my cardio. Sometimes, time passes by like a breeze, and sometimes it looks so still it seems like a curse. It is in those times that i create these sci-fi mind-battles where, basically, the world's future depends on my non-quitting of the exercise. So i'm, for example, jogging and my goal is 35 minutes and i'm 20 minutes away for that mark and ready to collapse ... what do i do? I start day-dreaming these life-death situations in which, let's say, if i don't complete 5 more minutes of cycling ... my best friend's daughter gets horribly sick. (?) That's me, by the way ... these sort of thingies are a constant in my life ... nice to meet you, by the way. So, i save people, win a lot of money for my friends, make it to the 9 pm news thx to yet another heroic display of sacrifice, etc. And that's how i get things done when i'm very, very tired. And no matter how twisted, it works.

My digital camera is sort of broken, so i took it to the repair shop. I'll owe you the pics this time but i'll take some and post them, together with the measures, as soon as i get it back.

After one week, i have to say, things are great. Great! I feel lighter, free from guilt, i could swear i'm thinner already (my wife says so), although i haven't checked my weight yet. I'm not a freak for scales, so i don't quite mind the weight so much, it's the measures what count.

Anyway, 8 % completed!


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