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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 9

I didn't go to the gym today. Truth is: i was very, very tired. After yesterdays workout, my whole body was screaming for a break. I've done a shitload of research (i'll share it with you soon) and one of the most repeated lines i've encountered was: don't overtrain. Overtraining leeds, eventually, to the abandoning of the program. So i thought i should listen to my body, despite the fact that skipping a day already makes me feel like a bum fatso, and i stayed at home resting.

I have to say, i don't know if it was because i skipped training or what, but i do feel like i didn't loose an oz. I followed my diet by the book and had almost zero fat and zero sugar, but i have to admit i also did have a very sedentary, so calorie consumption was minimal.

I've been thinking that i shouldn't just think my % of completion goes up by not having pizza. To earn each and every point i have to be sure that the caloric output was higher that the intake for that day. Much like working days: no work, no progress. So i'm gonna re-assing points now: days 6, 7 and 9, although didn't contribute in a negative way, they didn't quite add in a positive either, so i'll call it a draw. I'm deducting those days from my %.

So 6 % completed it is.


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